These tasty onions lose all their pungency in the pickling process but gain a sweet sharpness that makes them a great last minute addition to any salad. They’re a multi-purpose condiment and are delicious with any type of fish.

Yield: 2 Cups


2 large red onions
1 cup sugar
1 cup red wine vinegar
A sprinkle or two Salt and Pepper


Slice the onions as thinly as possible. You may find it useful to first slice them in half and lay them on their cut side before slicing them further. Cram the sliced onions into a large mason jar.

Pour the sugar and vinegar into a small pot and bring to a boil with the salt and pepper. Pour the hot syrup over the onions; cover them and let rest overnight in the refrigerator before use.

Because sugar and vinegar are such great preservatives, these pickled onions will last indefinitely in your refrigerator. They’re at their best after a day or two in your fridge, once their flavours have had a chance to mature.


You may aromatize the pickling liquid with a spoonful of your favourite herb or spice. Try bay leaves, fennel seed or even ground juniper berries. For a very aromatic version, try adding a spoonful or two of standard pickling spice to the simmering sugar before adding the onions.