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Our new Web Series has just launched!

Join Chef Michael Smith as he circles the globe looking for the world's best lentil recipes.

Lentils are healthy, tasty, inexpensive, easy to cook, easy to find and Canadian farmers grow the very best in the world. Check out this menu of webisodes and their recipes, I'm sure they'll inspire your family to enjoy lentils as much as we do!

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Family Meals

Wondering what to make for dinner that everyone in the family will enjoy? Looking for simple and delicious recipes to make for breakfast, school lunches, and weekday dinners when you are short on time? Want to make mealtime fun and get your family involved in the kitchen?
Stress no more: Michael Smith
is ready to save your day!

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As mentioned in the Family Meals cookbook, download Michael's Grocery Shopping list here »

Recipe of the Day

Green Lentils with Bacon and Tarragon

This is one of my favourite side dishes because bacon and lentils are perfect together. The rich meatiness of bacon easily complements the earthy hearty flavours of lentils. Try making this dish once and it will instantly become one of your favourites too!

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