• Where is your restaurant? When can I visit and taste your cooking?
    I am very proud to showcase the FireWorks at The Inn at Bay Fortune. This custom built ‘beast’ is a 25 foot brick-lined, wood-burning, fire-breathing beast that anchors our Fire Kitchen. It includes every form of live-fire cooking known to man, a smokehouse, open hearth, grill, rotisserie, plancha and wood oven. No dials, no switches, no gas, no power, just old-school fire cooking. Curious? Our Fire Brigade is always proud to share its details and flavours with you and there’s nothing else like it anywhere in world! Our chefs create a new menu every day using ingredients from our very own organic farm and those from other Prince Edward Island suppliers. To compliment your feast, a finely curated selection of wine flights from Canada and abroad await you via our onsite sommelier. For more information, check out innatbayfortune.com.
  • We’re coming to Prince Edward Island on vacation, where can we meet you?  
    Your best bet is to come to the Village Feast in July. Also, check my calendar  for a full list of all upcoming events. We’re continuously adding to it as events are confirmed.
    Although, due to my ever changing calendar of events, I cannot promise I will always be present, I would also welcome you to visit The Inn at Bay Fortune, the newest venture for me and my wife, Chasity. In so many ways, The Inn at Bay Fortune is a return to our roots but also a firm step into the future. We’d be  happy to have you come aboard for the ride! In 1992, I began my chef’s career behind the Inn’s stoves. Cooking in this beautiful place defined my career forever and now I get to do it again. The world has changed a bit in the last 20 years though, and fortunately so have I. Where once I tried to be creatively provocative, today I’d rather build a fire and share simple, honest flavours. That’s what Fireworks is all about. Join us for our nightly feast and you’ll see what I mean!
    2015 was all about a fresh start for the Inn. We’ve worked hard to imagine a shared experience at the table that starts with our farm and finishes with flame. We’re excited but there’s lots more to come…
    We are Prince Edward Island’s only 5-star country inn. In the years to come you can expect a renewed focus and solid investment in world-class amenities. We’ve got lots of ideas and look forward to sharing them all with you. Stay tuned!
    Instagram: @innatbayfortune | Twitter: @InnAtBayFortune | Facebook: The Inn at Bay Fortune
  • Where’s the best place to eat on Prince Edward Island?
    Well of course I think that the very best place to eat anywhere is my very own FireWorks at the Inn at Bay Fortune. Our chefs create a new menu every day using ingredients from our very own organic farm and those from other Prince Edward Island suppliers. At 6PM our guests are invited to ‘The Feast’ where the set menu begins with locally harvested oysters, smoked fish and house-made charcuterie. From there you will savor delicious seafood chowder, our famous home-grown house salad and the best of all, wood roasted meats, fish and vegetables all prepared before your very eyes! You can also expect lots of fresh baked bread along the way and exquisitely prepared desserts to satisfy your sweet tooth!
    If you’re looking for a few more places to check out, you’re in luck.On PEI we’re blessed with many restaurants that taste of time and place. Some of my favourites are Terre Rouge, Sims Steakhouse, The Olde Glasgow Mill, the Student-Run Restaurant at Culinary Institute of Canada, Shipwreck Café (my favorite fried clams), Rick’s (my favorite fish ‘n chips), Water Prince, and Clam Diggers.  Also, check out my Pinterest board, My Local PEI Foodie Spots.
  • Where is Chef Michael’s Flavour Shack and when is it open?  
    My 12’ by 12’ retail empire is on Souris Beach in our Gateway Park, we’re right next to Colville Bay Oysters and the best Lobster Rolls on the island! We’re stocked with all my books–every one of them signed–and a whole bunch of other goodies from PEI including some of my artwork. We’re open mid June to early October every year.  Check us out on Twitter and Pinterest.
  • Where can I buy a signed cookbook?
    My Flavour Shack and The Inn at Bay Fortune are the best places to buy signed cookbooks. At the Flavour Shack, we also have a selection of signature swag: aprons, cutting boards, wooden spoons and prints. Yup, it’s all signed too!
    If you can’t make it to my Flavour Shack  or the Inn at Bay Fortune, check my calendar for a signing near you or in a pinch, for an extra very special occasion, contact our office.
  • Can I purchase Chef Michael Smith merchandise online?
    Yes. We now offer a limited selection of merchandise from my Flavour Shack online.  Unfortunately, we can only ship within Canada at this time.  Take a look at what we’re offering!
  • Is Michael an artist? Does he actually draw the illustrations himself and do his own chalkboard art we see on his shows?
    Yes, Yes & Yes. My first love was graphic design and fine arts, I actually spent a year in art school before discovering cooking and have dabbled to this day. These limited-edition illustration prints are archival quality, pen and ink, ready to frame and come complete with a finishing flourish of my hand carved stamp under my signature. They’ll look great in your kitchen!