• Who built your amazing kitchen and can I get them to build mine?
    I’m so proud of my good friends at GCW in St. Thomas, Ontario. They’ve really built a gem of a company and their craftsmanship is second to none!
  • What knives do you recommend?
    The type of knife you use and how you take care of it is far more important than the brand of knife you choose. There are many great brands out there but what matters the most is that you get a sturdy, heavy knife with a full tang. I suggest a workhorse chef’s knife, a serrated slicer and a smaller pairing knife. Together the three will get just about any job done!  Check out these videos for more detail:
    3 Knives
    Knife Care
  • What pots do you recommend?
    I suggest that you stay well away from cheaper, lighter pots and realize that good pots are an investment for life, that you get what you pay for. More than anything else heft is what matters. Heavy duty pots don’t have the hot spots that cause so much burning in cheaper lighter ones.
  • What kind of Pressure Cooker do you use?
    I use a modern Kuhn Rikon but there are lots of others that can get the job done. Today’s pressure cookers are safe as can be. They’re also fast and energy efficient to say nothing of healthier for you since nutrients can degrade with longer cooking times.