• I’m organizing an event, can you be a part of it?  
    Yes, I can. My team and I mobilize frequently to host interactive dining events around the world. We’ve got tons of experience organizing logistics from afar and know how to make memories for your guests. Contact: bookings@chefmichaelsmith.com
  • I want to cook with you, do you do private bookings? Weddings?  
    I do, but with my busy schedule, every day out of the office and away from my family is precious thus you may find it cost prohibitive to add me to a small gathering.
  • Are you coming to my town soon?  
    Please check my calendar and stay tuned to my Instagram, I just might be coming your way for an event or a cookbook signing!
  • Can we come to a live show taping?  
    We’re not currently in production – so there’s really nothing to see. Instead, I suggest you check out my calendar and see if any upcoming events are near you or consider joining us on Prince Edward Island for the Village Feast in July.
  • Can I bring my older copies of your books to your book signing?  
    You bet, the more worn out the better! Spoons and aprons are cool too and don’t forget your camera!