• How tall are you?
    I am precisely 2 meters tall!
  • How can  I do an internship with you?
    Although I am now a proud proprietor of The Inn at Bay Fortune, unfortunately, I do not have any internship  opportunities  as I am not consistently onsite or in the kitchen.  My very talented Chef du Cuisine, Cody Wallace, leads the brigade at FireWorks!
  • I want to be a chef, what advice do you have for me?
    Lots! Send us a note and we’d be happy to share with you my “Advice to Young Chefs” package.
  • I want to go to cooking school, any advice?
    If you’re considering a career in the culinary arts, consider going to cooking school but consider waiting before you do. You’ll only get one shot at doing it right and to maximize this critical time in your life (possibly the only time you’ll spend strictly focused on learning about food and cooking)  you have to be ready. You’ll get out exactly what you put in and the best investment is strong industry experience first. To succeed you don’t have to go straight to cooking school from high school. Better to work for a year or two in the industry and then  go to school. This time investment will pay off large! Which school you chose matters but your attitude matters far more. Some of my favourites are The Culinary Institute of Canada, Niagara College, George Brown, NAIT, SAIT and VCC.
  • Any new shows in the works?
    You bet! My team and I are always working on new projects. Have you checked out our globe-spanning Lentil Hunter series?
  • Where can I buy a signed cookbook?  
    If you can’t make it to my Flavour Shack, check my calendar for a signing near you or in a pinch, for an extra very special occasion, contact our office.
  • Can I purchase Chef Michael Smith merchandise online?
    Yes. We now offer a limited selection of merchandise from my Flavour Shack online.  Unfortunately, we can only ship within Canada at this time.  Take a look at what we’re offering!
  • Is Michael an artist? Does he actually draw the illustrations himself and do his own chalkboard art we see on his shows?
    Yes, Yes & Yes. My first love was graphic design and fine arts, I actually spent a year in art school before discovering cooking and have dabbled to this day. These limited-edition illustration prints are archival quality, pen and ink, ready to frame and come complete with a finishing flourish of my hand carved stamp under my signature. They’ll look great in your kitchen!