Blue Fin Tuna

Sep 21, 2007 by Chef Michael

Sometimes I pinch myself to see if I’m dreaming! Just a few days ago we began shooting our new series, Chef Abroad. If you’re a fan of Chef at Large you’ll love the new show as we show off culinary adventures all over the world. Before Christmas I’ll be in Egypt, Jordan, California, Tokyo and Read the whole article >>

Grilled Ratatouille

Jul 15, 2007 by Chef Michael

Summer is finally here so last night I dusted off the BBQ for the first grill of the year. The steaks were a hit but it was the vegetables that stole the show. When you live with a five-year-old food critic, anything that helps veggies pass the taste test is worth holding onto. Lately, I’ve Read the whole article >>

Michael’s ‘Real’ Bread

Apr 6, 2007 by Chef Michael

Last fall, I discovered an amazing way to bake the best bread.  I spent the winter perfecting a system that allows anyone to effortlessly bake loaf after loaf of premium artisan goodness.  Everyday . . . without kneading the dough!  With more than 100 loaves under my belt, I’m averaging 5 minutes per loaf.  A Read the whole article >>

An Evening at the Chefs’ Table

Mar 5, 2007 by Chef Michael

About a year ago, I became the national spokesperson for the Children’s Emergency Foundation (CEF). Together, we are creating awareness as well as finding and funding solutions for childhood poverty and hunger across Canada. The charity supports programs in every city in the country, helping to feed over 70,000 kids a day. Recently I invited Read the whole article >>

The Beloved Professional Dishwasher

Jan 15, 2007 by Chef Michael

It’s been several years since I ran my own restaurant kitchen and I’m often asked what I miss the most. Unlimited foie gras? A full bar at my disposal? Nope. The #1 thing I miss about being a professional chef is the professional dishwasher! Throughout my twenty-year cooking career, I developed a creative style that Read the whole article >>

Back Behind the Stove

Oct 2, 2006 by Chef Michael

Sometimes I miss the energy of a restaurant kitchen, the thrill of creating and serving a high-end meal to a dining room full of appreciative guests.  So when the opportunity comes to sharpen up my knives and see if I can still dance behind a stove, I go for it! A friend of ours, Laura Read the whole article >>

Tomatoes or Shiraz?

Jul 27, 2006 by Chef Michael

Sometimes I head one way and end up somewhere else. At the supermarket the other day I spotted a package of eight boneless, skinless chicken thighs for a price well below that of the breasts. I really like the meaty flavour of the thigh so they sailed straight into my cart and made it safely Read the whole article >>